Manchester’s Giving Day Ambassador Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering to be an ambassador for Manchester University’s 2024 Giving Day! You are crucial to our success, and we appreciate all you do. The graphics and templates below can be used to support your outreach efforts.

Please include your personal referral link when publishing social media posts, sharing in email, or any other method of digital communication you’re most comfortable with. This helps us track and measure the success of your great work.

Tell Your Story

Your voice as an ambassador is powerful! Show how important our mission is to you through your own story, in your own words. You can also tweak and tag your network. Amplify your outreach by tagging your friends, family, and network in your social posts.

Include Visuals

We encourage you to use our pre-designed social graphics in your

Use Tags and Keywords

Use our campaign hashtag #AcornsToOaks to join the larger conversation and engage with others already talking about the campaign.

Use Your Referral Link

Your referral link will give your network an easy way to make their gift on Giving Day.

Images You can Share on Your Social Media

Social Media Post Examples for Alumni

  • Join me in celebrating my beautiful school, Manchester University, on our Giving Day! #AcornsToOaks [Referral link]
  • It is Giving Day for my amazing alma mater Manchester University! Join me and my fellow alumni in celebrating by using this link: [Referral link]
  • I gave to Manchester University! Have you made your investment to helping current and future Spartans? You can give by using this link: [Referral link] #AcornsToOaks
  • I wouldn’t be where I am today without my beautiful alma mater, Manchester University. Help continue our legacy by giving on this Giving Day by using this link: [Referral link]

Example Posts for Parents

  • I’m supporting my student by giving on Manchester’s Giving Day. Our gifts directly support student success – you can help them too with your gift by using this link: [Referral link]
  • Please join me for Giving Day in supporting my Manchester University student! Our gifts directly help students – give by using this link: [Referral link]

Example Posts for Friends:

  • Today, I am supporting Manchester University’s mission, Giving Day 2024 – Acorns To Oaks! One of the most important causes to me is The Manchester Fund because this fund helps literally every student at Manchester. Will you join me in donating? Every amount makes a difference. [Referral link] #AcornsToOaks
  • Manchester University’s Giving Day 2024 kicks off today! Join me in celebrating The Manchester Fund which helps literally every student at Manchester! Every dollar counts! [Referral link]
  • Join me today to celebrate the great work Manchester University is doing and contribute to its Giving Day 2024! Make an impact in the student’s lives by supporting The Manchester Fund. #AcornsToOaks [Referral link]